Monday 22nd June - Taking a Walk

I was supposed to go and visit my local priest in order to enquire as to whether he would be free to conduct a house blessing. The guard on duty said that on Mondays there are no office hours. And there was me thinking that Sunday was the day of rest.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

So, instead of going straight home, I acquiesced in accompanying my cousin on a walk down C6. C6 is basically a long road (still under construction) that connects mainland Manila to Antipolo. It's a road that crosses Laguna de Bay and provides easy access to the Province (countryside). There are a few makeshift houses on the Bay with fishermen and local tradesmen living there.

C6 and Laguna de Bay in the background

We had only walked half an hour when we decided to turn back. Only a few minutes had passed when we were met by my uncle. He said that it was dangerous for me to be wandering around with my camera, even though I disagreed saying that there were no people about.

Well, at least I didn't have to walk back.

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