Sunday 21st June - Two Blessings in One

We went to a house in Las Piñas to celebrate a house blessing and a Baptism. The house was located in a sub-division, which is like a closed-off neighbourhood with its own schools, shops and even security. Think Desperate Housewives.

We didn't make it to the church (we were running a bit late - Filipino style) so went straight to the house instead. This particular day was swelteringly hot, and even with several fans set on maximum revolving speed, the atmosphere felt airless.

There is no such thing as eating a little bit of food (by choice) in Filipino culture, as proven by the fact that despite there being caterers with food to feed a hundred people, there was also food cooked by the owner of the house.

I don't have much else to say apart from that it was hot. Really hot. Oh and the food was very good.

Here are a few photos:

Baby Samantha was the one baptised. Is it just me, or does it look like that the wrong baby was given to the parents at the hospital? Or maybe even imported from another country?

The traditional throwing of money and sweets after the priest has blessed all the rooms of the house.

L-R: Second cousin Glydel, Kuya Noel, Jennifer, Tito Lover, Andre, Tita Jean.

Kuya Noel is 35.

You can tell by just looking at him I'm sure.

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