Wednesday 10th June - Arrival in Las Filipinas

Arrived in Manila earlier today. I can't really remember much from the flight(s) apart from the feeling of insomnia. One thing I do remember though was the horror on some of the faces when they were greeted on the aircraft by air hostesses bearing face masks.

'Good afternoon, just walk to the right to find your seat ma'am. Oh, the mask? It's nothing. Just health and safety. No need to worry, ma'am.'

If that wasn't bad enough some of my fellow passengers had them on too. Their reason - 'I'm just feeling a bit under the weather'. A bit? A bit, my bum.

We (my grandma and I) finally reached the house (after being stopped by the police), only to be set upon by my cousins. At four years old one tends to get excited easily and my cousins are no exception. They were so enthused by my arrival that I was set upon like a pride of lions to a gazelle. I was pinched and slapped, and even bitten. Really.

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