Wednesday 24th June - Funny Advert

It's currently Signal 2 here in Manila. When Signal 2 is announced all pre-school, elementary and high school children do not have to go in.

So I'm stuck inside babysitting all my cousins. Fun Fun Fun.

Anyway, seeing as I'm cooped up for the foreseeable future I thought I would share this advert with you.

I see this on TV quite a lot, and every time I still find it amusing. You don't really need to know what she is saying as it's only her last words that prompt any sort of comical effect. That said, I'll translate it anyway in case you are hoping to learn a bit of Tagalog.
JR you are forgetting your Grandma!
Even your cousins in the States, whatever the case, have been able to forward videos on YouTube.
And you, I've even superpoked you on facebook and you don't even poke back!
You will only talk to me when you need something for the computer.
Now, I'm going to drop kick you!

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