Dark Night

I witnessed a scene that I initially thought would be of no interest to me.

A member of our extended family refused to return home this morning for one reason only - that being that there was no alcohol on the jeep. He had been drinking the whole day and tonight he was seen banging on the door of the house opposite to us.

Him being my gran's nephew, she took pity on him and called her other nephew (she has about 20) who's a member of the local 'police force' so that he could sleep off the alcohol in a prison cell, rather than out in the rain. If he was left to himself he probably would have either:
1. Hurt someone
2. Hurt himself, or
3. Get hurt by someone for shouting till the early hours of the morning

So she called for back up.

They arrived, 5 of them, with poles of wood (I assume to ensure that there would be 'no trouble') and tried to get him on his feet (he had been lying on the floor in the pouring rain outside our gate), but he refused to leave. After 15 mins or so of them trying to negotiate with him, of my gran asking what an onlooker was looking at and of her requesting that 'wag nila bogbogin' (translation - they don't beat him to a pulp), a police van (it actually looked more like a wagon) arrived and 10 other officers(?) helped get him into the vehicle.

We just hope that they keep their word...and that he will come to his senses and go back home in the morning once he's sobered up.

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