Friday 17th July - Sin City

It was 11 o'clock in the evening when my aunt walked into the room and said to get ready to leave.

To leave?
Yes your mum wants you to come with us to pick her up.
Where is she?
She's at KTV (Karaoke TV) with her friends, and she wants you to see what it's like.
*mumble mumble*

So we set off for Makati to pick up my mum. When we arrived my first thought was that we had stepped over the threshold into Sin City. Everywhere there were neon lights, so bright that I couldn't actually read what any of them were advertising. There were also a lot of really pretty young girls (not always a sign of sin, but in this case it was) with men old enough to be their grandads, most of them being foreigners. I suspect that this is the place that many tourists come to if they want to have a good time.

We didn't know where we were actually going and couldn't contact my mum as (wherever she was) she had no signal. After walking around for a bit we stumbled upon the (shady) entrance to KTV. We turned down the long basement corridor and found ourselves encountering another batch of beautiful young women dressed, I can only assume, as if their clothes had got caught in a shredder; not to mention the fact that they were sprawled all over one another.

Initial thought: Where the hell has my mum brought me?
We were directed to the private booth (don't jump to conclusions) where my mum and her friends were singing karaoke. I instantly noticed that many of them had been indulging in alcoholic beverages, some more so than others.

Long story cut short, we stayed for another two hours where I was subject to an interrogation by a tipsy (off-duty) police officer, at the receiving end of some really crude stuff, although I have to say that some of my mum's friends had good intentions announcing that a minor was present. We finally left but, to my disappointment, not to go home. Not only did we stop over at Starbucks but also to each of their houses to drop them off.

We finally got home at 4am. Man, was I tired.

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