Monday 13th July - 'Words are all I (don't) have'

Words cannot really express the chaos that we experienced yesterday at our house blessing. We were only expecting 150 people, but when does reality ever meet our expectations?

The priest who blessed the house was abit taken aback by how many children were present (I don't blame him). After blessing the house he stayed for a bit and we started talking. He thought my brother was my husband! After I (duly) corrected him, he still believed that I must be married. See, the strange thing is that in the Philippines I don't look 14 but 25. Who'd have thunk it?
Anyway, I told him that I am a Theology student and his eyes lit up. His tone of voice was one of excitement and shock as he went on to invite me to show my face at Mass so that we 'could talk Theology'...

Sorry, I wasn't meant to ramble on; this post would become a thesis if I wrote down everything that happened yesterday. I'll let the photographs speak for themselves instead.
People start to arrive...
...but there are so many that they crowd the street instead
Getting ready to 'sabog' the money
A scrap ensues as the money is thrown
One of the 'litsons'
Some of the waiters (Nice setup don't you think? A bit grand though, in my humble opinion)
We unintentionally ended up closing the street...
What my brother and cousins were up to most of the day
I think I've found Bin Laden

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