Saturday 18th July - Potty about Potter

The new Potter film was just fabuloso. Although, I could have done without the people behind me talking (it actually reached a point where I told them to be quiet) and my cousin informing me (quite loudly) that he was hungry.

We have been really busy this week, I don't really know why, but I do know we're off to Hong Kong this Friday which should be good fun. My cousins and aunt (who have never left the country - or even been on an aeroplane) are pretty excited about it all, but I'm more excited for them.

Nothing else to report, apart from the fact that I'm getting lazier and lazier as each day passes. Oh, and it has been raining here non-stop for a week. Not too different from London from what I hear.
And now, some more random shots from the past few days.

One mistake = A lot of laughs

A miracle

My brother's definition of 'fun'

Can you feel the love?

'Tis bagyo again

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