Thursday 30th July - What a juxtaposition!

Astrology or Theology?

There are no prayers or religious services and even the camp fire songs have been vetted for covert references to a deity. (First article, both taken from The Times)

What I don't really understand is why one would go out of their way to omit religious words when 'religious' camps don't exactly ban children from learning star consellations. I get the whole we-don't-want-to-pray-to-something-we-don't-believe-in attitude, but does it really need to be called an 'Atheist' Camp?

If these camps began denouncing, let's say, Allah, what are the chances that the 'following' would consist of people wearing Fitness First bags? Ok, maybe I went too far, but you get my point (if you understand my reference that is). Geez.


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  2. How do you fancy going along to one, just to see what they actually do?