Why Ask the Big Questions?

I remember being told about a conversation between two people. They were both watching Tom & Jerry when one of them said, ‘Is this the best life has to offer? Watching a Tom & Jerry episode which I’ve already seen?’ when the other person replied, ‘Don’t think about that. You’ll waste your life doing that. Just enjoy it.’

Yes, well who in their right mind would waste their time contemplating the meaning of life, let alone at least for the next three years of their life?
Many people ask me why I even bother studying theology when you can just think about the questions of life whenever and wherever, with no need to sit in a lecture theatre or in a tutorial. Why squander away time asking questions that will most probably never get answered?

See, for me it’s not about the answers. I don’t expect to ever become aware of the meaning of life, discover why love is so paradoxical or quite grasp why there is suffering in the world when we have such a loving God. I’m in it for the journey. The pilgrimage. I find that by asking these questions I discover a lot about the world, about humanity and what I believe. That, for me, is all I need to know.

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