Friday 18th September - Hogwarts Express

Took off from platform 9 ¾ at a busy King’s Cross station this morning. Wait – correction – it was actually platform 3.

Bound for the endless greenery of St Andrews, the seven hour journey was tiring with only The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and several cups of tea to keep me going.

At Leuchars station waiting for a taxi and wearing a thick coat (St Andrews only has two seasons: End of year Winter and Start of year Winter), to see nothing but grassy rural countryside made me happy to be back in the ‘bubble’.

Definitions of ‘bubble
1. a hollow sphere of gas
2. a colloquial term used by St Andrean students to term the place usually known as St Andrews (AKA home of golf, the place where Prince William studied etc.). The word bubble refers to the concept that students who live and study in St Andrews are immune to the affairs of the outside world. (Imagine the biomes of the Eden Project and you get the picture).
3. an impractical and illusory idea (similar to the Student Union’s definition of St Andrews as a place of fiction).

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