Monday 21st September - Why You Should Come to St Andrews: Reason #1 - Gowns

Only three events left to go!

Spent most of my day measuring people (don’t go getting any ideas), learning the art of folding a gown and discussing with students and parents when and how to wear them.

Well-known suggestions as to when to wear the bright-red (or in my case black) -hogwarts-like-with-bingo-wings gown:
· To exams
· To formal dinners
· For some societies
· To debates
· To get into the castle, free of charge
· To work (if you are an ambassador)
· To chapel
· For the infamous pier walk
· For academic ceremonies

Less common, but nonetheless familiar, uses for a gown:
· For fire alarms (more common than you think)
· As a dressing gown
· As a blanket when the boiler’s broken
· For halloween
· To lectures
· To stop traffic (although this is now obsolete; I know because I tried)
· Every day

How a gown should be worn:

It is traditional for first-years (Bejants) to wear the gown high on the shoulders and for second years (Semi-Bejants) to wear it lower on the shoulders. Third year students (Tertians) wear it off the right shoulder if in the Faculty of Science or Medicine and off the left shoulder if in the Faculty of Arts. Fourth year students (Magistrands) wear it off both shoulders [as pictured on the left].

A general rule, it is considered bad luck to hook the fastenings on the undergraduate gown, or to wash it. - Wikipedia article.

And there you have it: an insight into one of the many odd traditions of the bubble!
Credits to photographersdirect and University of St Andrews website for photos.

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