Saturday 19th September - Freshers' Week

Began the first of seven compulsory events this week donning my large Persian blue volunteer’s t-shirt and a big cheesy grin, ready to greet the Freshers as they come pouring in through the doors.

Did I say pouring? Trickling more like. There weren’t as many students as I had expected but most of those who did arrive seemed quite perturbed by all the strange people in blue t-shirts smiling at them. Although that didn't stop us. With complimentary tea/coffee and free lollies (as well as the power to decide who proceeds through Freshers’ Week intoxicated and who doesn’t), what I thought would be a long and tiresome couple of hours ended up being quite enjoyable.

After dropping my family off to the station I finally had the chance to just relax and soak in what – essentially - will be my new ‘home’ for the next year. With my beloved camera out of action I’ve had to make do with my camera phone. Here are the results:

Fire and kitchen go hand in hand
The Kitchen/Diner
There were no doorstops so I had to make do
The view from the living room
The view from the kitchen
The pond and the other flats
My company for the next couple of days

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