Thursday 24th September - The Joker

I went to the Union with a couple of friends to watch a comedy show. Tickets for events in the Union are pretty cheap and with us not ‘bopping-it’ the next evening we thought ‘why not?’

The show started with Blind Mirth; they are an improv comedy group comprised of St Andrews students who warm up the audience by playing games with them, such as acting out scenes based on the rowdy (sometimes obscene) suggestions of the crowd.
Next to grace the stage was Noise Next Door who, in my opinion, is a really good improv/music act. We (the crowd) were in such a fine mood that they ended up compiling songs based on whether there will be circumcision in the future, a mock radio station that plays operatic/emo and reggae songs about Star Trek and a song dedicated to a member of the audience. This (unsuspecting) person was serenaded by the quintet with a song that featured lines such as:

‘we all have cameras so why don’t you focus’
‘would you open your legs as wide as a parachute’

The person we had ‘all’ (I didn’t know who he was before tonight’s show) been waiting for finally came on stage. I can’t comment much on his performance except that he giggled manically quite a lot and enjoyed inserting the f-word into every other sentence. It’s not that I didn’t like him; just that it was getting late by the time he came on and my body had already subconsciously decided that the insides of my eyelids were far more appealing.

What can you do?

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