Friday 23rd October - Question Time

It could be argued that I jumped on the bandwagon by flicking to BBC One yesterday evening. I was supposed to have an ‘early’ night – or at least a productive one – but I ended up having an eventful one to say the least, even if I only had Question Time and Twitter for company.

I learnt three things:
1. Nick Griffin will try anything to persuade the British public –and I use the word British in relation to residential status, not race – that he is not racist. We all know he is. He needs to just drop the BS and 'come out'. Although, I have to say I was slightly amused that he tried to hide such a fact by referring to 'whites'[1] as the indigenous people of Britain.

2. His generalisation of Christians worked me up. To associate ‘Christians’ as believing everything the BNP does is a downright insult. I was tempted to throw the remote at the television, stopped only by the realisation that it was bad enough not watching with a license, let alone getting fined for ‘damaging university property’.

3. I’m a fan of Bonnie Greer, I just didn’t know it until yesterday. She made some very good points including one on the early migration of the Africans to Europe, her argument being that we all descended from Africa. She didn’t take herself too seriously knowing too well that Griffin was probably not digesting anything she was saying. She even offered to take him around the British Museum to give him a real history lesson. How nice of her.

[1] Stephen Biko: … I think white people are more pink and yellow and pale than white.

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