Wednesday 18th November - BUSY

Provisional exam timetables were made available online today. Why is it every time I've had exams that God seems to find it funny to have them spread out from the beginning of the week right up to the penultimate day?

It could be worse I guess, I could have more than three exams AND not have a ski week to celebrate afterwards.


The Catcher in the Rye. Depressing much? Good book an' all, just that for leisure reading I was looking for something a little bit more 'cheery'. That's the last time I choose a book based on how thin it is.


Don't you just hate filling in forms where you are basically required to BS about every little thing you've done in your life as if it was the most significant world-changing thing ever? I know it's what the people who read applications are looking for, but there is only so much I can say about my activities and interests.
This rant is not unwarranted by the way. I'm currently applying to study abroad in America for next year. Here's just an example of some rubbish I've jotted down:

To be able to study in America would open my eyes to the idiosyncrasies and quirks of its culture that only living such a lifestyle can provide. Naturally good grades are what I'd be aspiring to achieve, but just like other things in life, thers is more to it than what you look like on paper.

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