Friday 18th December - Christological Tutorial / Party

Last night I was trying on possible items for my Jesus costume. Before you jump to conclusions, I don't make a habit of doing so but thought I'd push out my sacriligious thoughts to the side for this one occasion. It is Christmas after all. Anyway, I adjusted my yarn beard and toga blanket to the sound of approval from my flatmates, but soon decided against the whole thing for several reasons:

1. Yes it is rather blasphemous to dress up as Jesus, Christmas or not.
2. It was snowing outside and I was concerned for the blood circulation in my legs.
3. Cycling with a blanket flung around me is an accident waiting to happen.

We were asked to bring along something christological-related. One person brought feta cheese, pitta bread and olives only to be 'condemned' for hellenising the tutorial (oh the hilarity of being a theology student). And me? I brought jaffa cakes because it contains chocolate which, like christological, begins with ch. Genius I know.

There was much merriment for the rest of the hour, with port, and the playing of taboo and charades. Similar to writing limericks about theology (same tutor) trying to act out 'Son of Melchizedek' was as hard has hammering an iron nail through a piece of iron. Still, a great way to start my last day of the semester.

Straight after my Classics tutorial I'm excited to say I'm London bound!

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