Friday 25th December - Merry Christmas

There's a strong sense of spiritual refreshment I feel every time I return to my local parish. The familiar faces, the heavenly smell of incense (my priest actually said: it's what heaven smells like so get used to it) and most importantly a simple sense of inner peace, one that fills me with warmth that only being close to God brings.

I never get tired of MC-ing and tonight's Mass was no different. I'm nearly 20 and unofficially hung up my alb 3 years ago, and yet there's just something about being on the sanctuary knowing that I am serving God and the people in their worship. One feels a sense of contentment and comfort that, I find, sitting in the pew does not provide.

Oh and before I forget, Merry Christmas all. May God's love fill you with peace and joy on this special day.

One of my Christmas card photos this year - St Andrews, West Sands

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