Wednesday 16th December - Edinburgh

Going to Edinburgh straight after my afternoon lecture wasn't planned. I'd had a late evening the previous night and wasn't consciously all there when I woke up, but a friend asked if I wanted to go to the German market. Me being in my 'I'm so tired but I have no work so I should just enjoy these last few days in the bubble' state of mind, I overcame the throbbing pain in my head and clambered aboard the next bus to Leuchars.

Not much to say about the day apart from that I really enjoyed being out of St Andrews for a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love the place but sometimes one just needs to escape. The city of Edinburgh was bustling with Christmas shoppers, kilted-men playing bagpipes and tourists flashing their cameras away at everything that moved. Oh how I'd forgotten what being in a city was like.

So, German market. I pretty much spent most of my time trying on the most awful hats ever - very warm but seriously, who would wear a hat designed to look like a highland cow gobbling up your head?

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