Saturday 24th January - Sherlock Holmes

I'd heard a lot about how good Sherlock Holmes was, so, after having not set foot in a cinema since the days when the sun actually graced the skies, I thought I'd check it out.

I already liked Robert Downey Jr from films such as Iron Man and The Soloist, and in this film he did not displease. His British accent wasn’t as refined as I had hoped but he made up for it with his depiction of Holmes’ minute precise thought processes.

Afterwards I stopped by Cass Art – which for two years used to be my third home (after my school and my actual home).

Buying art supplies is one of my indulgences just as walking into an Apple store is for a technology fiend. Even on a student loan, money has no limit when it comes to shopping for tubes of Winsor & Newton oil paint. Whilst paying, my friend and I struck up a conversation with a friendly and charming cashier. Not only did he have an endearing nature, but when told what I study he did not:

Ask whether I was set on becoming a nun
Crack the joke that I was fated to designing churches or painting religious icons

I think I’ll be returning to that shop more often.

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