Thursday 28th January - Bingo

Bingo has always been a casual game played between friends with 5ps used as bets, but tonight I was invited to play with the big kids AKA my mum and her friends. Every third Thursdat of the month it's free to play all day. As tempting as this was I found three hours was more than enough time for me to enjoy a game or twelve.

I was surprised to discover that when one has filled a line/two lines/achieved a full house, the customary 'Bingo!' is not cried out in excitement, but instead is replaced by a loud grunt or a football-type 'yearh' duly accompanied by an air punch.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, a win may have been misinterpreted as the beginnings of a lucky streak – God knows how much longer I would have been made to stay) I did not get the chance to participate in this cultural phenomenon. I can imagine it now: seeing the allotted numbers resolutely dabbed, the pink ink seeping through the paper-towel-like game card, I shake my football rattle, punch the air screaming ‘yeaarrh!’ only to hear the sombre words: ‘false claim.’

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