Friday 19th March - Going to the Doctor's

As if I don't talk enough rubbish on here already, I thought you would all be eager to hear about my visit to the doctor's.

It's a fact: I'm an old woman. I've made jokes about my awful memory and how I'm slowly descending into senility, but today going to see the doctor about my back pain just seemed to top it all off. She diagnosed me with back strain and has advised that I don't cycle. No cycling! The beauty of cycling is that it means I get to lie in for an extra half an hour (valuable) AND consider myself 'fit' and 'exercising well' by cycling at least eight miles a day. Now that I have to give my frail back a rest, it will be earlier mornings and several half an hour walks a day.

Someone pass me my zimmer frame, I feel a cramp in my leg coming on.

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