'That seagull is laughing at you'

Seeing as the weather today on the East Coast was glorious, a friend and I decided to take a trip to Anstruther.

Only a 20min drive from St Andrews, Anstruther is known (I assume mainly by Scots and fish and chips fanatics) as being the home of the best (open to interpretation) fish and chips in the UK. If I am to be honest, I cannot really comment on exactly how good the Anstruther Fish Bar's fish and chips are. Although the website says 'No visit to Anstruther is complete without sampling our award-winning fish and chips here at the Anstruther Fish Bar', I felt that my brief time in the town would certainly have come to an abrupt end, had I waited in a trailing queue only for me to not notice the difference in taste, but instead in the lightness of my purse. With this thought in mind, I wandered over to a less crowded place for lunch.

That said, I had quite a good day taking photos and frolicking in the sun. However, it wasn't long before my thoughts had turned once again to the pile of books on my desk. And to add to this, I returned home only to discover that my camera has decided that pink lines look rather fashionable across some photos. Great.

Not to end on a low note, I thought I would share with you this conversation:

Me: I'm not a fan of sunbathing. Where's the pleasure in feeling so hot you could fry an egg on yourself?
Friend: Oh I really like it.
Me: But why? I find it difficult to sunbathe knowing that I'm slowly cooking. And there's the risk of skin cancer.
Friend: Oh yeah, but I really like the way you feel the skin cancer slowly move across your skin.
Me: ...

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