Friday 11th June - One Year Anniversary

Oh no! I can't believe I forgot to say something profound or upload a tacky photo of a birthday cake with an edible-looking wax 'one' on it. Ah well. No one reads this thing anyway.

I promise - well ok no I don't, I'll try - and get this blog up and running again sometime soon. I'm busy at the moment working nine to five -yes I'm surprised I haven't collapsed in a fatigued heap yet either - for a great organisation that promotes public theology.

I have a hell of a lot of backlogging to do which I will get around to sometime. But for now I'll leave you all to what looks like an amazingly glorious day *heavy sarcasm*

So no wise quotes or reminiscing from me as I have to get back to working on a piece that will hopefully get published online!


For those who want to have an image of one anyway - I know many of you do - here you go. For your pleasure only:


P.S. I'm going to the Philippines again soon! So I'm hoping my time there will prove more fruitful for the blog.

Right, back to work! Ciao x

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