Thursday 24th June - There's someone behind you...

After a restless night trying to adjust, I awoke to the morning sun shining through the bedroom window ... it was 5:30am.


My cousins had been badgering me about their pasalubongs since they picked me up from the airport. It's amazing how something shiny and new can easily distract six-year olds. In fairness, I too would be mesmerised by Woody's kicking-action skills.

For the last few days, my aunt and uncle have not been feeling very well. Now you see, if they lived in the Western world they'd probably put it down to a cold or man flu, but no, their theory? They were cursed by a witch.

So what do you do when you think you've been cursed? You get someone to tell you whether this is really the case. The process of melting crystal and reading your prediction is otherwise known as tawas. First, the crystal is used to 'bless' the affected person's forehead, stomach, arms and legs, and is then placed into a spoon and melted. The liquidised crystal is then left to dry and a prediction is read from the now re-formed crystal. In this particular case it was said that a white lady had come to visit.
The feverish symptoms, the rashes and the grogginess were put down to the presence of a spirit. Once her presence was determined she was asked to leave, and the affected person was once again 'blessed' with the crystal. Also, to help relieve the 'unwell' feeling a full body massage was thrown in for good measure.

I don't know what to make of it all to be honest, but the initial thought going through my mind was 'to see is to believe'. A true sceptic me.

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