Sunday 4th July - Twilight

I don't see the attraction in the Twilight saga, I really don't. Jacob's a hippy werewolf, Bella's a moody emo and Edward shines. So how the hell did I spend my day watching all three films?

I don't know what came over me to be honest. I remember watching the first film and thinking how bad it was. I laughed at how the Cullens were paler than pale and how red lipstick seemed to suit Robert Pattinson well. But still, I kept watching. And today I watched all three.

The first was on tv, the second on VCD (video cd, like a dvd) and the third I watched in the cinema (Did I enjoy myself? Not really. It was a little like watching a cockroach crawl by - a little 'scary' but unable to avert my gaze. Oh well. I only paid the equivalent of two pounds to see it).

So how did I watch not only one, but three of those films that adolescents everywhere have been raving about? Unfortunately I have no good explanation whatsoever. Maybe I was bored or maybe subconcsiously I too am torn between Jacob and Edward. I think the only way to put it was that I was mesmerised - perhaps due to all the shininess I was blinded by its 'brilliance'. Whatever the reason is I'm not paying to go and see the next one.

I'll get my brother to download it for me instead.

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