Tuesday 6th July - Before and After

My cousin seven, and now eleven.

My brother at his Holy Communion, and now. He was so cute when he was younger with those chubby cheeks. Now he's Mr I-can-do-what-I-like.

I think I'm five in the above picture. I used to be so cute ... What the hell happened?

My brother again. In the top picture he's holding a Ghostbusters ray gun and in the bottom picture, no, that's nota pair of tights on his head. I too thought that the first time I saw it.

My cousin thinks he's so cool now with his hair that looks like a shark fin.

At both ages we were at each others throats (In the top photo I'm reaching out to strangle him. He looks like he's laughing but really that's just a distorted face of pain.) It's a lot better now that I've moved away from home ... Sort of .

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