BBC One's The Nativity, Episode Four

  • 'I wish I had enough faith to believe you.' I think everyone wishes they had enough faith.
  • 'I was scared of something I didn't understand.' Typical: fear of the unknown. And yet, God can be known. It is our lack of understanding that is to be feared, not God.
  • 'It's all that lying down in the sand last night. It's inside my clothes.' I'm still laughing.
  • Gosh word spreads fast doesn't it?
  • 'Do you hate them more than you love me?' What a way of putting things into perspective.
  • Wow Gabriel. Just wow. Powerful stuff.
  • I admit it, I nearly shed a tear. Nearly.


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  2. Yeah, you're a baby =P

    No, just teasing. It was quite a powerful depiction of the Nativity. I mean I nearly shed a tear myself, and that's saying something!