BBC One's The Nativity, Episode Two

My random thoughts:
  • The moment Mary is told to close her eyes by Gabriel. Wow. What an emotional moment. If metanoia (Greek for 'transformation of the mind') ever had a television debut, that was it. The Annunciation. I felt the Holy Spirit come to her watching that scene. All those emotions, all those thoughts. One can only imagine what it is like to have God reveal Himself to you in a moment.
  • The Magi: typically wise and humourous.
  • Herod: 'What kind of a king does that make me?' A puppet one my friend.
  • I love the inclusion of Isaiah. Mary: a biblical prophecy come true.
  • Great theological questions being asked: How does God interact with the world? Does he just leave His Creation to continue on its own? Or does he stand by as a parent does, only intervening if need be? Such wise words from Melchior.

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