Monday 20th December - The Nativity

Watching the first part of the Nativity on BBC One I was sceptical to say the least.

Right from the outset I could tell that this was a little different. Mary's portrayed as a 'pure, gentle woman' but a young and jovial one nonetheless. Joseph is portrayed as humble; a man completely besotted with his future wife and intent on winning her love.

It's interesting that Joseph is depicted as feeling the need to win Mary's love. There's something about Mary (Ha). Is she just hesitant about her feelings towards Joseph or is she marrying for the sake of it?

I was also happy to see that there were more than three wise men. Many people think there were only there, but it's actually suggested that they were merely three of many. [A geeky theological factoid for you there.]

One thing definitely caught my attention though: what a scraggy looking Gabriel! Where's the blonde bombshell I've always imagined?

Anyway, it's definitely different. I'll reserve judgment till I've seen the whole series.


For any interested there's a lunar eclipse:

Total Lunar Eclipse visible from UK tomorrow morning. Partiality starts 06:32. Totality starts 07:40. Sun rises 08:09. Moon sets 08:17.

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