Saturday 25th December - Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you

As tradition goes in our household Christmas began with Midnight Mass. For various reasons, it was the first time in many years I was not going to MC (Master of Ceremonies). It was strange being on the other side of the altar rails, but still, I was glad to be there.

The church looked beautiful as usual; but there was something different about it. It was glowing, radiating even with all the Christmas decorations and the crib waiting to be blessed. There were many people sitting in the pews, recognisable faces - both old and new. I love Midnight Mass simply because it reminds us that our parish is a family, a community. Not five mins in and I was embraced by one of the parish sisters. Perhaps my priest is right. Perhaps I will still attend this church when I'm married and have children. Perhaps I'll even still be altar serving.


Christmas morning and I'm better! I remember when I was younger I could not wait to get up, or more precisely, was adamant in not sleeping after Midnight Mass. But now I'm a bit older I'm quite happy to indulge in a lie-in. To the frustrated moans of my brother getting impatient I trundled down the stairs for the ritual present-opening ceremony.

After we had offered up our torn wrapping-paper sacrifice to the recycling gods we started on Christmas lunch.


(Yet to play, just looking at the pencils I knew I would love this game)

Every family should own Cranium. It is such a barrel of laughs. Playing with two people who were not born in this country nor privy to the idioms and musical tastes of 'the noughties' - it was so much fun. Highly recommended.

(The answer to the charades game was supposed to be Sacha Baron Cohen, but somehow the other team member guessed - from actions including a mankini (leotard was the word actually used) - the Pope)

Then Doctor Who (which was a let down I'm sad to say), and more Christmas dinner before we all retired to our rooms to sleep off our newly-bloated bellies.

(The winner of Cranium)

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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