Rant - Look away now

So I said the MacBook was 'great' in one of my previous posts. I still think this but I do have a few things to grumble about. Plus I wouldn't really be British if I didn't complain at least twice a day:

1. People criticise Windows far too much. Mac is certainly better but Windows isn't THAT bad. For one, I prefer Microsoft Office to iWork. I love Office. That's where my alliances lie, so don't try and convert me on this one Apple. Also the four finger swipe on the Mac is nifty but the grey border is annoying. If I accidentally click it while I'm moving things around desktop everything pops back up. Apple, if you're going to show me the desktop, do it properly.

2. The MacBook is white. It needs cleaning all the time and if you manage to scrape it or something, marks, dents and dirt are so much more visible on it than on most laptops. What's not nice is how you can notice if your fingers need a bit of a wash, even if they are not particularly dirty.

3. Mail is rubbish. It takes ages to import all my previous mail as well as my current mail. Also it doesn't have an indicator when I have new mail that's been filtered into a folder. Then again this is not Apple's fault as it seems to me that an extension/widget has not been created to do this (yet).

4. OSX doesn't like Cameron and Quincy (my external hard drives). Now it is very important that my gadgets get along otherwise life will be made very difficult for all of us. Me in particular.

5. Iam not told when I no longer have internet, unless I am in Safari and am trying to open a window. This is a pain when I am on Adium talking to people who think I've abruptly left the conversation because of something they said or because I got bored (even if it was either of these two things I would still be polite enough to make an excuse and say bye).

I'm yet to finish trying everything out, but as soon as I do you can expect this list to get just a tad wee bit longer.


It's a sad day


  1. What do you mean that you don't know you're disconnected? Don't you have an icon that controls the wireless card on the top bar?

    One advantage of the mac is that when something goes wrong, you know exactly who to blame. :)

  2. I know I've already kind of done this once but tbh it is so worth doing it again:

    Hahahahahahahaha. I told you so. x

  3. @musingsoftodd

    Our internet at home is fickle so it doesn't completely switch off but loses signal instead. So on Adium it doesn't say if I've gone offline it just keeps the window open as if nothing has changed. But when I say something to someone I don't realise I've missed out on parts of the conversation.