Tuesday 4th January - Tea, Cranium, Awkward Rice Crackers and Wisdom Teeth

I mentioned yesterday that I would be having the DT Crew over for tea. I've probably referred to them before but they're basically my friends who I studied DT with at sixth form (bar one who's such a good friend of ours we made him an honorary member). Anyway, since leaving sixth form and going to different unis etc. it's always difficult to get us all in the same room. So much so that we actually consider it a miracle when it happens. Unfortunately, there was no miracle this time as one member couldn't make it due to impending deadlines. To be fair she's an architect so most of her time is spent in the studio. I.e. not with us (but that's understandable).

It was really good to catch up with them, as always. We had great fun playing Cranium (the boys won) and eating Oriental rice cracker mix. (Side note: there were these small white crackers that were socially awkward. In the mix there were seaweed-wrapped crackers and ones that looked like prawns, but also these white ones that looked like those polystyrene balls you get in packaging. They were so small that it made for awkward eating, hence why most of them were what were left uneaten. See the others, they were ergonomically made to be finger food - clearly - whereas the white ones were not thought about at all. To eat one would make you look stupid because it's so tiny it's like picking up a bit of food you've accidentally dropped on the floor and want to throw away. On the other hand, to take a handful is messy and makes you look like you have bad manners, as you chug them down your throat ... Anyway I'm ranting.)

(You can vaguely see the tiny white crackers I am talking about)

Apart from this fleeting thought of socially awkward rice crackers most of the time we were just catching up. One of my friends - Chris - is actually making this amazing iPhone app that he's hoping to release soon. It's still in the preliminary stages - although you can play it - and he's asked a friend and I to design it. The prospect of getting back to being artistic is appealing, and the further thought of it being used in his game is exciting. Also he's promised 10% of the royalties which is an extra bonus =]

There was also banter about Ronnie stealing Kat's baby (Eastenders), as well as a group effort to ensure that I didn't eat the chocolate with nuts in it (this did not go as well as we had planned). All in all a very lovely and enjoyable afternoon.

I sometimes think it's not such a bad thing not seeing them all the time as it means when we do see each other, we have a lot to catch up on. Ironically it also means I value my time with them more because I know it will probably be months before I can meet them again.


In other news my wisdom teeth are becoming a right pain in the arse. Recently they've become quite painful. I've experienced the pain before but I thought it was just them coming through. That said it's been a few years now that I'm beginning to think that they are never going to grow straight. From what I can tell opening my gaping mouth in the mirror, they are only erupting partially. Which from what I hear, is not a good sign.

Teeth that have partially erupted can cause problems with infections. They can also impact upon other teeth damaging them and causing further problems if not treated. Now the thought of going to dentist for me is terrifying. It does not help that I am googling anything and everything about partial eruptions, impacted wisdom teeth and extractions. If I have to get them extracted I will definitely be sedated (although it will have to wait till after my exams).

I'm telling you I'm having a heart attack.

As if I don't have enough things to worry about already.

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