Wednesday 5th January -Tagalog, Hermeneutics, Good News and Oxbridge

So I love languages. I'm thinking I'll start posting a new Tagalog word everyday. I'm planning to do the same on twitter so I'll make sure they're both different so you don't get bored. I can't promise that a month down the line it will still be going or that I don't repeat myself though....

Left - Kaliwa

(Taglog is pretty phonetic so it's pronounced kah-lee-wah)


I've been having trouble remembering the difference between source, form and redaction criticism. I especially get mixed up between the first two. But I have now figured a way to remember the difference. Source criticism is concerned with the written sources and what they tell us about the sitz im leben (setting in life) of the early church, whereas form criticism tries to get back to the oral sources and their sitz im leben of the community from which they came.
  • Source -> written
  • Form -> oral
If I can remember those I think I'm well on my way to at least passing my biblical hermeneutics exam.


I received exciting news this morning. I've been offered a brilliant opportunity to gain some work experience at The Catholic Herald. If things go as hoped there's something else to look forward to in the pipeline.

I'm going to have to watch what I say on here/facebook/twitter now.... (Or so I tell myself....)


Another post from School Gate on 'Oxbridge - Should you accept that offer?' (£). As opposed to the other post which argued it's not the end of the world not going to Oxbridge, this one is more in favour.

My comment:

Oxbridge is one of those universities that if offered a place you are expected to accept it; if not you are simply mad.

But as Emily has noted, Oxbridge is not for everyone. At my previous sixth form I was recommended to apply even though I was not sure if it was what I wanted. All I could hear were recommendations that I had a great chance I could get in. At the time that seemed to be enough to convince me that that was where I was supposed to be.

Come the day I received my rejection letter I felt a huge sense of relief. I no longer had that expectation everyone had of me and I could go on to attend a university that I would grow to love.

Don't get me wrong, when I was having interviews in Oxford I enjoyed myself. It was a great chance to experience first hand what the students were like, whether the food was good and meet the tutors.

I've mentioned this before but Oxbridge isn't very different to where I attend now. We have balls (every two weeks), gowns and crazy traditions. The only difference is that we have longer semesters. However this way we don't stress as much as you may do at Oxbridge.

Anyway, I'm happy where I am. Just as you will be wherever you end up going.

Also, good luck to all those waiting for replies!

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