Feeling something I've not felt in a long time

Yesterday I was walking in West London when I noticed a church a friend from secondary school mentioned to me. I remember her saying that it was the local church to her primary school and is one of the largest churches in the area. It didn't look very big from the outside. But anyway, before I knew it I found myself pushing one of the glass doors that had humilitas (humility) beautifully engraved into it.

The church was empty. It saddens me when I walk past a church I'd like to go into only to find it closed. My local church is never open outside Mass times because, as my priest has told me, there's no one to 'watch over the place'. It is a shame because sometimes, like yesterday, one feels the urge to enter a church to perhaps pray, light a candle or just sit down in silence.

I haven't been to church since being in London. I've been struggling with a couple of things that has meant altering my day-to-day activities. I'm not trying to make excuses, just highlighting a few flaws I'm fully aware of. Things are looking up though. I've just got to hope - and pray - for the best.


  1. It is sad that churches have to close after the Mass. I work at a church, and I know it bothers our parishioners, but we had a lot of vandalism over the summer. It's much safer to lock the church than risk our parishioners being harmed or the church being defiled.

  2. I understand that. My priest expresses the same concerns. It doesn't help that we have quite a small parish community with most of them quite elderly. It means that volunteers are few and far between.