Sunday 6th February - Raisin String

(I'm 90% sure he doesn't read this blog, otherwise I'm in trouble....)

As a mother, I was supposed to give my son a Raisin String on Raisin Weekend. But due to various things like work and procrastination I never got around it it.

If you raised an eyebrow at reading 'Raisin String' here's a quick explanation (more information can be found at the link above):

Raisin Strings

If you are an academic mother, you have the task of making your kids' Raisin strings. These can be purchased from BESS (the Students' Association shop, at the front of the building) or if you're feeling creative, you could make your own! Just remember:

3rd Year Mothers: use only THREE strings, red, blue and yellow.
4th Year Mothers: use all FOUR strings.

Twist the strings together rather than weaving them - Raisin strings should be decorated with fun items that represent your children, and you should be rewarded with a gift (customarily a bottle of wine, which has come to replace the traditional pound of raisins!)


BUT here it is! I've finally made it!

Ze raison string

A calculator: My son is a Physics student and this device provides him with a lot of help working out equations and other Maths/Physic-y things.

I actually disassembled the calculator so I could pinch the strings between the back and the motherboard(?) for a more secure fit. Also, guess what? It actually works!

Meet karate glove. My son does karate, but there's more. This glove was used as part of his Raisin costume when I dressed him up as Edward Scissorhands:

In the process of sewing I actually lost a needle in my rug. Not found it yet :\

A little flame pendant, because he's a bit of a rock star. He likes to wear leather cuffs and things so I thought I'd attach it to his string.

Finally, a light bulb. He does Physics, so self explanatory really. Newton + apple + gravity = light bulb moment

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  1. You seem like an awesome mom. ;-) I hope you don't find the needle with your bare foot one night!