Tuesday 22nd February - Someone Like You


  1. An incredible song and an equally incredible performance. I am not sure why we do this to ourselves, I mean listening to this type of music, but I have been listening to it all week on the radio also. You can almost feel aspects of your soul swimming in the words. To be perfectly honest, I think it does help though because bottling up such strong emotion can never be a good thing. You are going to have to buy your own tissues though, I can't post any of mine in any comments section.

    Once upon a time, I found myself in a similar situation to the one that I am imagining you to be in now, and I woke up one day and told myself that this can't continue. I am now able to cry and then smile at the same time, I can't explain the process that brought me to this point, it's more to do with dreams and poetry than anything that common sense could claim, but it is possible non-the-less. Rather than lose this person altogether, I realised the need to find a peace in it all and take what's left in my memories and what glimpses of her may be presently available. It was never a reality, ever, the pain is no less pain, but I can hope for the very best for her and find a peace in it all and try to rise above the destructive emotions.

    Try and find a peace in it. Listen to the poetry and music and cry, and then smile at what you have as memories. It was a time, a time, something took place that could quite easily never of happened. You are a Catholic, you have to understand the need for things to happen, for things to act out, a time, a story, an event that will bring tears to the heart and soul, but will remain immortal in the memories that stay with us forever. One day you will have children and watch them grow up, to an age where the child has gone, only left in photographs and memories, but the son, or daughter is still with you and she still displays some of the old child-like memories you had of her. I think this is the key to it all, the moving on. You lose the lover, but it can be possible to retain the friend - even if it has to be from a healthy distance.

    Take your time with it, and lose any sense of immediacy. One point that is rather urgent though, is to not be overwhelmed to the point where you are not focusing upon your immediate position, with regards to your long and short-term goals that you have obviously set for yourself. I am not best placed to advise about whether God is listening to you or not, I have completely fallen away, but I will say that it could be possible that God is answering your subconscious prayers, or even, God knows your future - and you basically don't.

    You want to be happy? Join the club! Let's get out there and find this elusive thing. I am depending upon you to point the way, don't let me down. No pressure then? LOL

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