Friday 11th March - A Breather

So I've just managed an all-nighter writing an essay that was due in today at 1pm. I know, I know, I should have written it weeks ago etc. etc. but things came up and my planning didn't work as well as I would have liked it. All that should matter is that I handed it on time, even if I did only have ten mins to spare....

Anyway, considering I had no sleep I was surprised I was able to function (sort of) today, engaging in conversation with others and even attending a lecture. The talk I attended was on Dante's Divine Comedy, specifically Canto XVIII of the Inferno. It wasn't compulsory ('why did you attend?' I hear you cry!) but I had dissertation topics on the brain and a tutor recommended these series of talks to me. Not really sure as to why I've been thinking about my dissertation so much lately. As geeky as it sounds, I'm actually really looking forward to writing 10,000 words on one thing. I've not decided what I'll be writing about yet but I've got a few things in mind. Will have to do some research when I get a chance.


So, I've forgotten to mention it on here (with twitter and facebook I often end up neglecting my blog) that I currently have nowhere to live next year. Now, you may think that this isn't such a big deal but in St Andrews the housing situation isn't something to be proud of. I applied to return to university accommodation but was not offered a place. The way it works here is that in February the estate agents in St Andrews release their property letting lists and everyone scrambles to view them and put in an application. With university accommodation, the applications open at the same time, but offers are not given until early March. As you would expect, most - if not all - of the properties listed with estate agents or private landlords were taken with hardly anything available for those who have been rejected by the university. Thus, the only feasible option is to move out of St Andrews to one of the nearby villages - or even to Dundee. You can imagine the hassle of transport, not being in town for social events etc. that one would have to go through, but right now this is a real possibility for me.

On a good note though, I managed to arrange a flat viewing with one of the estate agents who had a few properties left over. I was looking forward to seeing a place that could possibly solve my homeless situation, but true to the unpredictable workings of the universe it didn't work out. I arrived only to find out that the people who lived there were not available. If I didn't call the estate agent I wouldn't have found out about the cancellation. Talk about being unprofessional. She didn't even think to call me to say that the viewing had been re-arranged. I mean, where are the good manners? Ok, rant over, the viewing's been set for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be liveable and not have mould/damp/boiler problems so I can hurry up and stop worrying about whether I'll have to pitch a tent up in the Quad next year.


Sometimes I wonder how long it takes to get tired of listening to a song over and over again. Right now it's this:

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