Saturday 12th March - New DSLR

It's not my birthday for another month or so but I've just been told I'm getting a new DSLR! My Fujifilm S9500 has been very faithful to me for the last five years, providing me with immense pleasure and joy with my photography. I was lucky to stumble across it. As a rookie ebay buyer (one should not trust a 16-year old with a paypal account) I saw it listed and bought it straight away, primarily because I really wanted a new camera that would arrive before Christmas. I didn't really pay attention. I noticed that it was second-hand and that the buyer was new and had no ratings, not to mention the fact that there were no photos of the camera itself advertised, and yet still went ahead with the purchase. Like I said, I was extremely lucky.

Naturally, my camera and I became inseparable. Quite heavy for a hybrid DSLR, it often weighed my bag down as I took it everywhere - whether it was to school or to another country. I went photo crazy. As a creative person, it was amazing to have a camera that had both a macro and telephoto lens in one. The opportunities were endless. I would take photos for my school newsletter, of the school production, of friends and family, or of random inanimate objects that I thought looked pretty or spoke to me in some way. I love photography but I would not consider myself to be much of a photographer. For a while I was adamant that I would become a photojournalist or at least a wildlife photographer - just because animals can surprise you in the most amazing ways. Whether it's a dolphin or a panda I find that they often reflect the beauty and innocence of nature.

My Fujifilm isn't broken but it doesn't function properly either. The macro function is temperamental and works when it chooses. The viewfinder is completely redundant - everything you see is blurry (this may have something to do with the fact that it's been under a waterfall....); the dial to change the ISO doesn't work and neither does the continuous shooting function (essential). Other than those minor things it's great and I will continue to use it once I have my new one.

I've taken care of my camera but it has taken a beating over the last couple of years. I've dropped it twice from a height of two feet and it has survived. Not to mention the fact that it's been in the sea and had grimey sticky hands handle it (my cousins). For me, taking photographs is never about what camera I have. It's about what I can see and what it says to me or the person viewing the photo. In most cases, I'll do what it takes to get the photo I want. Even if it means taking my camera under a waterfall.


EDIT: Encouraging news! I went to visit the flat today and it was quite nice. Unfortunately estate agents was closed today, but I left a voicemail and hopefully they'll get in touch with me on Monday so I can put a deposit down. Fingers crossed.

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  1. It's always a risk buying used electronic items on ebay, but I'm glad you're happy with your purchase. Photography is one of my hobbies too. I recently bought the Canon 550D. It was pricey but I have no regrets. It will accompany me on my first trip to Fatima soon.