Tuesday 22nd March - Busy Bee

Super busy week before the 'Easter' break (it's silly up here, we hardly ever have our inter-semester break during Easter, which makes attending the Holy Triduum at my parish church difficult to say the least).

I've decided to run for publicity officer for St Mary's College Society (the society for the School of Divinity). Today I helped a friend who's running for president of the society by putting together some posters for her. Here's one of them (I hope she doesn't mind me showing you....):

(RON is the acronym for Re-open Nominations)

According to her, us teaming up was a good idea for two reasons:

1. I'd be able to 'publicise' myself by making these posters
2. She'd get 'awesome' (her words not mine) posters for her presidential campaign

A win-win situation I guess. If it means I get to be creative and use photoshop more, why not? An ideal opportunity to bring two things I love together, as well as supporting the School.


Update on housing situation: I have an interview tomorrow for a potential property. I absolutely fell head over heels when I went to go and visit it, so I'm really hoping it goes well. Wish me luck!

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