Sunday 29th May - Hello!

Hello! Gosh, it's been a while hasn't it?

Nothing really interesting to write about apart from the well-kept secret that the summer's here!

Re-cap: I just finished exams last Wednesday and have been super busy. I would have liked to have drowned my third-year sorrows down the pub, but it was an early night for me as I was set to steward for Antiques Roadshow the next day. Antiques Roadshow, what to say? Apart from it being slavery (worked nine hours with only a twenty minute break), I actually had a really enjoyable time. I may have said 'You're finally at the front of the queue!' about twenty times but one forgets that it's the first time the person you're talking to hears what you have to say. I mean, I talk nonsense, that's no secret, but at least it helps the time pass right? One guy had waited nearly four hours to get his books looked at (I was put in charge of manning the 'Books' queue - couldn't have asked for a better one, although pictures and prints would have been just as interesting). Poor guy. I don't think they were worth anything in the end either.

I had *the* nicest specialist too - Dominic Winter. Lovely guy. He made the effort to learn my name and even remembered what I was studying. He even 'consulted' me on some theology books that were shown to him. One of them I actually knew something about! George Hill's Sermons. I had just sat my Scottish Spirituality exam that morning, and then his name popped up! Uncanny. Anyway, all in all, fun was had. Apart from the realisation that I had worked a crazy amount of hours with no pay, I was in a good mood. With my heels burning I lugged myself home for dinner before popping out for drinks with a friend. Who knew Irish Snap and Vodka and Coke would be such a great combination? If that wasn't good enough, I even managed to chill out with my new flatmates before returning home. I'd like to say that I was finally able to rest but, alas, no. The next day I was up early once more, this time to pack my life away into boxes.

(Photo credit to denkyo)

I won't bore you with the process of packing, moving, lugging, dragging, sweating etc. I'm sure you've all experienced it before. Come the evening the internet had been cut off and a turning point was made. With no internet nor tv I was forced to entertain myself in other ways, one included staring at the blank tv screen and pretending the commercials were on. Fun times.

Saturday was spent in town. I was trying to absorb as much of St Andrews as I could via osmosis, hoping that each droplet of rain that touched my skin was embedding a tiny bit of the St Andrews' essence. As much as I was looking forward to returning to London, St Andrews is a special place. Being away from it for four months is a big deal. Also, the knowledge of it being my last year there next year is a sad thought. Let's not think about it.

More importantly, I'm back in London now. I've only got a week till I start working at The Catholic Herald. After that I'll be spending most of the summer working at the press office for the Diocese of Westminster. Exciting times ahead. Ooh, and I must not forget that I have a friend coming over from the States for a visit too - it should be exceptionally fun. So yes, it will be my first summer in a while where I won't be travelling abroad. I'll finally get to experience this 'barbecue summer' everyone raves on about.

(Photo credit to PORG)

Things are looking good. Life is looking good.

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