Friday 10th June - The moment I've been waiting for

It's small, but it's something - and on the front page!

I'm really enjoying my time at the paper. Getting to write, not one, not two, but quite a few articles is quite an honour. I wasn't expecting to get so much writing done, and yet, here I am! You know, I wouldn't mind doing this for a living....

Here's another link if you're interested. The story about Fr Hunwicke shutting down his blog has caused quite a stir.


Yesterday was a bizarre day. I was having a good day settling into work when out of the blue the unexpected happened. I can't really say much because I don't know who reads this blog, but it left me a bit shaken.

I've just started getting my life back on track. Long gone are the days of regret and depressive thoughts. I'm happy to say that I've set myself on the straight and narrow and things are looking up. Well they were. I guess I just wish Drama would leave me alone for a bit. I don't think it's asking much considering what's happened in the past. Ok, ok, I may have been looking for trouble back then, but now I honestly strive to do the right thing.

My theory is that if I do, then life will be better and I'll be happier. I have to say, it's worked out so far. Let's hope it continues in this fashion.

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