Saturday 16th July - Karaoke and Jenga: The Perfect Combination

Rain just makes you want to stay indoors. It's all good fun when you're indoors and you watch as the dark clouds gather and just start chucking it down, but when you're caught in it ... well, that's another story. So I was glad when my friend agreed to translate our evening gathering from the Southbank to my 'crib', as he called it.

The DT Crew

It was all a bit last minute so I didn't actually have any plans as to how we were going to spend our evening. You'd think our company would be enough, but sometimes our amazingness and highly intellectual and engaging conversation is just too much to handle. But as usual, we managed to have an amazing evening. One that involved karaoke and Jenga.

This is how Jenga was meant to be played

Jenga didn't go so well. Chris' silly 'one touch only' rule meant there was a lot of first time prodding that meant the game didn't last very long. (Re-reading over that sentence ... it reads funny. Forgive me, I see innuendo everywhere. I actually manage to make Jenga sound like a variant of the original strip poker....)

Rocking out

We had a failsafe though - karaoke. Now most people need a bit *cough* a lot of encouragement *sneeze* alcohol to go anywhere near a microphone and a list of songs that include Uptown Girl and Red Red Wine. Lack of organisation meant we didn't have tequila shots on hand but a bit of apple and elderflower, along with the forfeit that losing Jenga meant having to sing a song lead to us singing the night away. Literally. We finished at 2:30am. And that was only because we'd lost our voices. 

Singing their little hearts out

Our karaoke mic is brill. It scores you depending on ... well I don't really know, but even duetting with a friend, we couldn't manage a score above 50. Shameful I know.

I'm a failure as a Filipino. I can't sing. I can't dance. I can't do much. I'm just thankful that no one was recording us that night, otherwise you would be scrunching up your face and squirming.

My Mother: You all look so Asian

P.S. We're so eager to join the cat choir that we've arranged another evening this weekend.

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