The Good Ol' Days

When you think of school you usually think of boring, every day things like going to class, having lunch and going home. I wish I saw it like that. I used to be quite meticulous and write a journal every day. I would sometimes include descriptions of people's outfits and whole conversations.

I loved school. I'm having a blast re-living some of these old memories so I thought I'd share some short excerpts from various entries. I'll tell you one thing, I really enjoyed documenting the banal!


Spanish we were just doing a sheet. DT managed to drill two holes. What a joke. Rock climbing was ok, the other instructor was an arrogant sexist as he picked on N and I, and once even pushed us to get climbing the wall. What an idiot. It was fun though watching D cling on to the wall for dear life even though he didn't need to. Bless him.

RS was quite funny. Half of the lesson we were having petty arguments like why T's Bible has thinner pages at the front and thicker pages at the back.

G won't be in tomorrow as she has an all day philosophy conference at Heythrop College down Hi Ken. I'll have no one to speak Spangalog to!

DT didn't do anything apart from trying to destroy C's model and laughing at photos. Quite a boring day to be honest.

Period four we met Trevor Baylis - the inventor of the wind-up radio. He was really down-to-earth and cool  as he said words like "crap", "twerps" and "gunned down those nazi bastards". Lol. He then made a joke about him inventing the pencil sharpener when he approached his cat from behind...

Stressed about DT as usual. She finally gave me some acrylic so I started drawing my template ... General RE was about sex again ... I was asked what I thought about prophecy being equal and that I should know as I wrote a very good piece of homework / Well I'd say none are of equal importance / Why? / Because they are all seen equal in the eyes of God and they were all chosen by him to preach the same message / Excellent, that's a very good point ... On the way out of class K just went "You top neek!" [I was such a geek....]

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