Rain? What Rain?

I feel a real affinity with the Scottish countryside. It reminds me of my second home - St Andrews, and of the beautiful Pluscarden Abbey. Growing up in a city, I treasure the ability to have a break from the bustling hubbub for half the year.

When I'm in London I miss not living in Scotland. For the past three years it has served as my retreat from the world, my haven, my bubble. Once I leave, where am I supposed to go when I need to get away?

Today my family and I left London to spend the weekend in St Andrews. I was supposed to come up - and stay up - but East Coast were offering cut-price tickets for first class so I thought, why travel first class once, when I can travel three times? To be honest if I did stay up this early before the start of semester I think I'd drive myself mad racking my brain over a dissertation topic. 

Three years, travelling back and forth across the border and I've only ever been in standard with loud Scots drinking Tesco beer, watching a Rangers game and playing Blue Nile out of their phones. I wanted - needed - a change.

On Saturday the forecast in the south of England was set for rain, however the complete opposite was true for the east coast of Scotland. Here's just how nice it was:

Travelling up to St Andrews

He looks like he's wearing a wig, doesn't he?

The Hogwarts Express!

Entering Scotland

View looking towards the East from the Forth Road Bridge

Me: Is it not supposed to look like that? Brother: It's an onion you idiot

Bibi's Cupcake shop. If I died and went to heaven (supposing heaven was a habitable place) and it looked like this, I would be perfectly happy.

*nom nom nom nom*

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