Thursday 18th August - Rummaging in the loft

Flip flops. That's all I was wanted. I'd initially planned to go into the loft to find some summer things but my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up looking through a couple of boxes.

I discovered so many little things that made me cry with laughter that before I knew it a couple of hours had passed. That's when I thought I'd document how my handwriting changed from primary school to sixth form. It's not like I have book reviews/articles to write or a dissertation to prepare for or anything....

Year 6 (10 years old). Oh look, our topic title was an Abba song

Year 7 - standard

First half of year 8 - the letters seem to have put on weight 

By the end year 8 I had discovered the beauty of calligraphy

Year 9 - My 'rebel' phase. It was the year I stacked up pink slips and was nearly suspended

Year 10 - The Gothic look (matched the metal/rock phase I was going through)

Year 11 - Shame about my English....

The start of Sixth Form - By this stage I was using a cut nib all the time

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