Friday 16th September - An Evening of Wine and Discussion

Hello, I've been busy ... watching the boxsets of Spooks in time for the last series on Sunday.

I also enjoyed an evening of fervour discussing the future of the Church with a friend's dad. It was interesting to see that he felt it needs to be more progressive. According to him, if the Church doesn't change, more and more people will leave. He argued that the hierarchy are completely out of touch with the laity and that without change, the future looks bleak. My friend and I on the other hand were in disagreement with him, saying that the Church is the Church because of the 2,000 years of tradition, apostolic succession, and biblical authority it has behind it. The usual apologetic waffle.

Thank God I was in good company though as I'm sure I said things that most faithful papists would consider "controversial". It was probably the wine talking.

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