Sunday 4th September - Skyride

I'm walking like a penguin my legs ache so much. The last time this happened I had walked ten miles. Despite this I really enjoyed Skyride.

The band were pretty good. At one point I thought, "I think I'll stay here instead of cycling"

Skyride's an annual event held in London and other cities in the UK, where major roads are closed to all motor vehicles so cyclists can reclaim the streets as their own.

It's quite a sight seeing hundreds of cyclists of all ages - children as young as 7 on tricycles! - racing through an empty tunnel, usually gridlocked with cars, whooping like mad and ringing their bells.

Today I was reminded how mad I am on a bike. Before I even arrived at the event I fell off into traffic. Did a car get too close? No. Did I hit a pothole? No. I just idiotically clenched my breaks for no reason! A normal person's instant reaction is "I'm going to get knocked over! / Have I broken anything?" My reaction was to burst out laughing. As I picked myself up and continued towards St James' park I was still smiling at how clumsy I was. If that wasn't bad enough, at Skyride I was snapping photos with Hector (my camera), weaving in and out of the crowd. I honestly think I like the near-death feeling. So exhilarating!


After lunch the heavens opened and I was soaked through. I was naive enough to think I wouldn't need my waterproofs in London, so left them in Scotland. Waiting for the rain to die down I was pressured into entering a drawing competition. It was at the kids' stop. The stewards tried to make me feel better by saying it was open to "all ages". Yeah right.

Anyway, tea and When Harry met Sally at a friend's to end a good day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll walk like a human being again.

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