Thursday 1st September - Handwriting vs Typing

If blogging was like scrawling things down in a Moleskine the size of one's palm, I'd be much better at it.

I've thought of just taking photos of my notebook, but the writing's so small it would be incoherent to the average human being. Moles, rats and mice would have no problem reading it, but I get this niggling feeling that not many of my readers are from this demographic.

I definitely hold the view that handwriting something requires a different thought process to typing. I find that in my handwritten notes I'm free to allow my thoughts to just spill on the paper, crossing out mistakes and re-directing sentences with arrows. One can visually see the thought process in action. On the other hand, with typing, it's so easy to cut and paste. Yes it is quicker to organise structure and layout but in some respects it lacks ... how shall I say it? ... creativity.

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