Tuesday 20th September - Single Parents and Breaking Hearts

I have so many things to do I feel a bit flustered - like a headless ostrich.

Yes, I know these particular ostriches are not headless

I've written up a list but I don't know where to start. There's research and writing up notes for dissertation, publicity and events to attend for the society, gigs and cheesy parties to attend and more. I'm not complaining about being busy - I love it. But after a couple of weeks of epic laziness and Spooks boxsets, my body's beginning to feel the strain a wee bit. Ah well.

I'm also writing an article on single parents and their search for children. I should really disclose that this is within a St Andrean context i.e. academic families, academic incest, Raisin etc. etc. I'm struggling though. People don't like the idea of having their photos in the paper, advertising their academic loneliness and keen desire to have children. To be honest, if I wasn't writing it, I myself could be interviewed. After the mishap with my daughter (she already has a mother) I'm childless again. Hoping I'll be able to find a child at the Wine and Cheese evening on Thursday....

My son

This evening, I received the most bizarre message. Someone from primary school asked if I'm bisexual. (And I thought I was random....) I'd say it wasn't so odd if I knew the person well, but even if one of my close friends just spat that out, I'd still think it was weird.

Trying to understand why he had contacted me out of the blue to ask this question, he revealed that he had had a "big crush" on me since primary school, and was gutted that I "dated" (can you really date someone at the age of eight?) another boy. Apparently, and I do not remember this at all (then again I struggle to remember anything from last week) I asked the two boys to get me a ring, and whoever got me the nicest one, I would choose them. As you would expect, the other guy gave me a nicer ring and so I chose him.

I can't believe I was like that ... Then again this photo says otherwise:

Who wouldn't give a pretty ring to cute little me?

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